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Yuki Chang, Esq.


Yuki Chang, Esq.



+1 ‪(626) 344-8949‬

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➤ J.D., William & Mary Law School
➤ LL.B., Capital University of Economics and Business


New York
Federal: Northern District of California
Federal: Central District of California


Yuki Chang, Esq.

Yuki, an accomplished legal professional, graduated from law school and subsequently passed the New York bar exam. Shortly after, she began her career at a plaintiff's personal injury firm located in Flushing, New York. Her tenure in New York lasted about a year before she transitioned to a newly opened branch of her firm in Los Angeles, California. This move necessitated her passing the California bar exam, which she did successfully, enabling her to practice in the Los Angeles office until the onset of COVID.

Seeking a change from plaintiff's personal injury work, Yuki shifted her focus in 2020, joining a firm specializing in insurance defense. This role, focusing on general defense litigation and construction defect cases, marked a significant pivot in her career. By the end of 2023, Yuki took a new professional step by joining ILS.

Yuki is particularly drawn to the dynamic nature of litigation. She thrives on investigations and legal research, approaching them with the zeal of solving complex puzzles. The unfolding of truth in her work is a source of excitement and professional fulfillment for her.

Outside her professional sphere, Yuki is passionate about culinary exploration. She relishes the opportunity to cook, experimenting with various ingredients and cooking techniques. Additionally, she enjoys discovering and trying out restaurants featuring diverse cuisines.

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