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Our Firm

Innovative Legal Services ("ILS") is a full-service litigation and compliance firm that specializes in commercial law, employment law, and immigration law.  Our attorneys are litigators and counselors with decades of experience in a wide array of industries.  

Our vision is to provide in-depth legal expertise with individualized service tailored to the needs of each client.  We emphasize on litigation prevention and risk mitigation to make our clients more competitive.  Where lawsuit becomes unavoidable, we aim to resolve the matter with efficiency, achieving victory for our clients both in and out of the courtroom. 

We see our clients as partners. Whether they have been with us for days or years, whether they are today’s industry leader or tomorrow’s game-changer, we’re always responsive and always on.  When a client has a question, we will immediately find the most innovative and integrated solution that suits the business’s exact needs. If there’s a shift in the legal landscape, we’re on top of it, and our clients will be too.

We strongly believe in creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds by retaining and promoting outstanding lawyers who reflect the global marketplace and communities that we serve. Our dedication to achieving greater diversity and inclusivity extends beyond our firm to the legal profession as a whole, as all our attorneys regularly take on pro bono matters to help those in need.

Our Core Beliefs



Commitment to Excellence

At Innovative Legal Services, we are committed to excellence.  Our exceptional commitment to multifaceted legal areas helps our clients navigate any situation, whether it is a complex business world or nuanced legal issues.  Innovative Legal Services is always here to provide better and more efficient solutions.

We listen to our clients and respond with straightforward answers that not only address their needs but help improve the company.  So whether you’re a CLO trying to fend off complex litigation or a Human Resources leader facing compliance challenges, you’ve come to the right place.


Innovative Legal Services is constantly evolving to meet the needs of clients in a modern time. We recognize there are new factors at play that have changed not merely the workforce, but the way legal cases themselves are litigated – including new tools and technology, the enhanced ways we now collaborate with our colleagues and clients.


We have quite purposefully and deliberately ensured that any attorney and professional staff who joins our firm shares our commitment to provide excellent solutions and client service. Our team doesn't just tell you what happened. We go beyond and show you what you should do to improve. Our solution-based strategy combines legal and business considerations. 

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