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Zachary Fritz, Esq.


Zachary Fritz, Esq.


➤ J.D., Cornell Law School
➤ B.A., Point Loma Nazarene University


➤ New York


Zachary Fritz, Esq.

Zach is an associate at ILS's Los Angeles office, diligently serving on the transactional teams. Zach's responsibilities encompass the drafting of incorporation documents and stock agreements, conducting legal research and due diligence, and showcasing his meticulous attention to detail.

Prior to joining ILS, Zach worked for a distinguished law firm in New York, defending corporations and individuals against various liability claims. There, Zach focused on the pre-trial litigation, where he assisted in researching legal areas, drafting dispositive motions and memoranda, and developing case strategies.

Zach is a native Angeleno, which has fostered a deep appreciation for the city's vibrant culture and unique business landscape. As an avid sports enthusiast, he embraces teamwork and competition, both on and off the field. These qualities, in conjunction with his passion for the law, enable Zach to thrive in the dynamic environment of ILS, where he actively collaborates with his colleagues to overcome complex legal challenges and achieve favorable outcomes for clients.

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