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Charlene Brown, Esq.


Charlene Brown, Esq.


➤ L.L.B. University of Westminster


➤ United Kingdom


Charlene Brown, Esq.

Charlene has over a decade of legal, culture, inclusion and financial services experience, providing strategic employment law advice on a range of employment matters including investigations, bullying, harassment and discrimination, whistleblowing, microaggressions, culture, diversity and inclusion, data breaches, breach of confidentiality, pay reporting and training. Charlene has extensive multi-jurisdictional employee investigations experience which includes conducting and advising on complex, small and large investigations across a broad range of industries.

Charlene’s experience includes privacy law, cybersecurity law, and corporate governance. Charlene also counsels on best practice for corporate diversity initiatives, diversity networks, and start-ups.

Charlene’s experience helping clients improve their workplace culture is a significant part of her work. Charlene delivers training to people of all levels across organizations on matters pertaining to D&I, race and ethnicity, intersectionality, and other protected characteristics in the workplace.

Through advising and supporting clients Charlene helps organizations to understand the root cause of people related issues and, using her expertise and experience, helps organizations make changes and improvements where it really matters to resolve issues before escalation and assists with strategies which mitigate risk and reputational damage when issues have escalated, become litigious and/or are in the public domain.

Charlene is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association and contributed to the McGregor-Smith Review and the Ethnicity Pay Gap consultation.

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